The “S” Series




The “S” series guitars were developed due to an increasing request for a comfortable, easy playing guitar.  The “SL” was the first offering featuring a “OO” size body and a 24.75 scale.  The 14 and 3/8ths lower bout, shifted forward waist, combined with the 13 fret to body places the guitar in an extremely comfortable position to counteract hand, wrist and shoulder issues.  The shorter scale offers a pleasant feeling string tension.

The “SX” is the second offering in the “S” Series. The 15.25 lower bout and standard depth body delivers great low end while the 25.1 scale maintains moderate string tension to deliver clean highs and easy play-ability.  Like the “SL”, the 13 fret to body neck and shifted forward waist decreases left hand reach and places the bridge in a sweeter spot on the top.  Completing the comfort of the “SX” model is the Ryan style Arm Bevel.

As a maturing player myself, I understand the need for a more comfortable guitar so I can focus on what is really important…the music.   I have drawn upon 27 years experience and created the “S” series to deliver comfort, play-ability, and excellent tone.  The “SL” and “SX” are fabulous additions to any guitar collection!


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I love my SL! It’s a great fit in every way. In fact, I have had no issues regarding shoulder or hand pain while playing my new SL…a great fit and great tone!” Robert B.