Testimonials & Media

Testimonials & Media


“I currently own about twenty other fine instruments, but they seem to stay in their cases these days. I just want to play the Tony Vines Guitar.”  Steve S.    Artisan owner

“I love my Tony Vines Guitar….”
Johnny Cash

“My Tony Vines guitar has a rich and robust soul. It is crisp and responsive as the tone continues to mature the more I play. Thanks Tony for building me such a great instrument for which to build music. ” Model CX Cocobolo/Lutz Spruce –

Jason Truby

Visit Jason’s website to hear his latest work “Hymns- Guitar arrangements for peace and healing.”  Played on a Tony Vines model “CX”

“It’s always a pleasure to play my Tony Vines Guitar….”
Greg X Volz -Singer/Songwriter, PETRA

I’ve been playing Tony’s guitars for 18 years;
I couldn’t imagine making music without them.
Harry Smith, Recording Engineer and Producer

“I love my SL!  It’s a great fit in every way.  In fact, I have had no issues regarding shoulder or hand pain while playing my new SL…a great fit and great tone!”   Robert B.