About Tony


Guitar making is a rewarding expression of art and craftsmanship. Talking about guitars and the process of guitar making is always a joy and pleasure. After 28 years and building over 185 guitars, my passion for tone and artistry is expressed in every hand-crafted guitar I create.

I have spent a lot of time playing my own guitars. This player’s perspective has been the single most influential force in my guitar making career.   The playability of the ARTISAN  CX and  BELLA models are a reflection of my artistry as both a craftsman and musician.  Equally, the new SL and SX, has shown great success and has received rave reviews from its owners.

I am more excited about guitar making than ever, and I invite you to experience Tony Vines Guitars.

Blessings,  Tony

P. S. You can hear my original compositions and more guitar tones on my music website www.tonyvinesmusic.com

A Brief Biography

Born and raised in East Tennessee, Tony Vines grew up surrounded by music and Appalachian culture.  At an early age Tony discovered a love for music.  The influence of his brother playing guitar and his mother playing Autoharp and piano always had him singing a song.  By the age of 14 the sweet sound of  steel string instruments became the choice of  his own musical explorations.  In his early twenties he became frustrated while searching for the “perfect guitar”.   With no prior woodworking experience,  he decided to make his own guitar….this decision would soon lead him to the artistry and craftsmanship  that he could only express in Lutherie.

  In 1989 Tony began his lifelong career as a professional Luthier.  Early in his pursuit of lutherie excellence, Tony built 5 guitars per year and logged over 400 repairs as owner/operator of the premier musical instrument repair shop of  Kingsport, Tennessee.  During these early years he gained extensive knowledge regarding design and function of a wide variety of musical instruments.  This knowledge began to harmonize with Tony’s creative passions and the song of Tony Vines Guitars was written.  Through the years many great artists have cherished ownership of  his handmade world class guitars…most notably Johnny Cash and Joe Carter (son of A.P. and Sara Carter).  More of Tony’s artistry can be seen at the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota.